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The cost of our windows and doors made of high quality profiles is the best-in-class.


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As a rule, windows that are more than 20 years old are the main source of heat loss. Effective thermal insulation can reduce a significant portion of your costs. And with Schüco windows, even up to 80% - due to modern technologies.

With a variety of design options, our aluminum doors will satisfy any requirement, taking into account the characteristics of your house. Panel entrance doors with hidden or roller hinges with a million openings test, smart locks with multi-point closing and many other features.
Sliding doors and folding accordion type doors with increased thermal insulation made of aluminum profiles create a new space: the green house merges with the garden, while the balcony and terrace increase the living space.
SCHUCO facade sets new standards in recycling and energy efficiency.
Absolute living comfort in the bosom of nature at any time of the year.
Additional systems increase design versatility by solving other issues and adding new functions.


Schüco window AWS 75.SI+

Schüco AWS window system with an installation depth of 75 mm in SI increased thermal insulation version is the best option in terms of functionality and design. Schüco AWS 75.SI+ window series is distinguished by excellent thermal insulation with a visible width of 117 mm. Due to the middle gasket and new glass edge insulation, Schüco SimplySmart technology provides the most modern performance. The system utilizes a new generation of Schüco AvanTec SimplySmart mechanical fittings.

Schüco AWS 75 BS.SI+ hidden sash window version meets the most daring wishes of the architects thanks to its narrow sashes and maximum amount of glass.

Schüco AWS 75 WF.SI+ window based on Schüco modular windows was created for the production of strip windows with glazing from floor to ceiling, and simulates rack-and-beam facade systems.

Schüco AWS 112 IC

Schüco AWS 112 IC is the first system in the world to receive passive house certification. With a visible profile width of 11.2 cm, Schüco AWS 112 IC windows have unsurpassed thermal insulation, thermal conductivity does not exceed 0.8 W/(m²K). According to this indicator, the system is superior to most aluminum and PVC systems.

Schüco AWS 90.SI+ Green

With an installation depth of 9 cm and a visible width of only 99 mm, aluminum windows combine elegant design with incredible thermal insulation performance. The manufacturer managed to achieve a low thermal conductivity at Uf level from 1.0 W/(m²K) due to a number of solutions:

- multistage seal at the junction point of the sash to the frame;

- thermal bridge made of polystyrene with increased thickness;

- plastic linings with reduced heat conduction at the contact points of the sash and frame


Schüco ADS 70.HI

When creating a line of Schüco ADS aluminum door systems, the German manufacturer managed to make the profiles as thin as possible and at the same time maintain high structural rigidity and ensure good thermal insulation performance.

With an installation thickness of 7 cm and a visible profile width of 14.7 cm, Schüco ADS 70.HI system allows the production of sash with 1.5 x 1.25 m sizes and a weight of up to 150 kg. It is ideal for both pivot and sliding doors.

There are several options to choose:

- classic with laconic straight forms;

- special series for Residential Line (RL) apartments;

- Soft Line (SL) rounded edges series.

Schüco ADS 75.SI

Schüco ADS 75.SI aluminum systems are an ideal solution for creating entrance lobbies in shopping and office centers, as well as ordinary entrance doors to a private house. The elegant texture of metal, effective design and small thickness (75 mm) and width (147 mm) of the profile are combined with excellent thermal insulation performance.

A plastic thermal bridge, a multi-chamber design and filling the internal chambers with foamed polymer with reduced thermal conductivity made it possible to meet the requirements of the “energy efficient house” standard, and when using energy-saving multi-chamber glass units filled with argon, we meet the “passive house” standard. Thermal conductivity of Uf profile up to 1.7 W/(m2K).

Schüco ADS 90 PL.SI

At a time of growing prices, energy efficiency comes to the fore in the construction and renovation of residential and commercial buildings. Schüco ADS 90 PL.SI system is designed to save energy. Increased insulation zone, filling of the inner chambers with foamed polymer made it possible to achieve a low thermal conductivity of the profile - at the level of 1.4 W/(m²K). Paired with a two-chamber energy-saving glass unit, the indicator becomes completely unrealistic Ud> 1.0 W/(m²K). Silicone seals provide class 7A waterproofing and class 4 breathability.


Schüco ASS 50

Schüco ASS-50 system is the ideal way to create huge openings of almost unlimited length. Need to fill your living room, bedroom with sunshine, or combine a commodious veranda with an adjoining terrace? Schüco ASS 50 lift and slide system is capable of this.

Due to its complex configuration, the lightweight aluminum profile can withstand massive two and three-chamber glass units with an area of up to 9 square meters. Triple rails made of polished or brushed stainless steel can easily cope with the impressive weight of the sash, up to 300 kg, and make it possible to open two of the three elements. If you want to throw a pool party or just enjoy the fresh air - nothing will limit your view or freedom of movement.

Schüco ASS 70 FD

Maximum light, even more comfort and elegant design ... Noble metal texture and glass shine. Schüco ASS 70 FD folding sliding system is specially designed to open huge openings for unobstructed passage. At the same time, aluminum profiles will maintain a cozy atmosphere regardless of the conditions outside the window.

Want to make a panoramic exit, wall to wall, to the balcony, to the green house or to the adjoining terrace? Turning a closed winter cafe hall into an open summer area? No problem, with ASS-70 FD folding system you need just a few seconds for it.

Schüco ASS 70.HI

Schüco ASS 70.HI is probably the best lift and slide system in the world. Reliable fittings, energy-saving profile that can withstand impressive loads, and engineering the details allow you to open the passages of simply incredible dimensions and at the same time maintain an optimal microclimate with minimal costs. Ideal for panoramic access to a terrace, balcony, swimming pool, making doors to a green house or as an alternative to tilt and turn windows.


Schüco FW 50+ .HI facade

Schüco FW 50+ .HI is a rack-and-beam facade system with energy-saving characteristics of the passive house standard. This is a universal solution for creating all kinds of translucent structures: vertical glass facades, skylights, green houses, single and multi-pitched, arched roofs.

With the Schüco FW 50+ .HI system, German developers have achieved an excellent heat transfer coefficient of just 0.7 W/m²K. Profiles surpass the "passive house" standard in this indicator.

Schüco FW 60+ SG facade

Schüco FW 60+ SG are the structural facades made by a leading manufacturer in Europe. The system allows the installation of large-format one and two-chamber glass units from floor to ceiling, which corresponds to the "passive house" standard in terms of energy-saving. Want to know more? Phone us.

Schüco FW 60+ SG – are the profiles that are only visible from the inside. Perfectly smooth surface, refined, subtle joints - the structural system makes it possible to produce exclusive glass building envelopes, to give lightness to massive objects, to create the illusion of a solid wall.

Schüco FWS 35 PD facade

Schüco regularly pleases architects and designers with modern solutions that combine elegant, unique design and excellent performance. But with the introduction of Schüco FWS 35 PD, the German manufacturer has surpassed himself.

Schüco FWS 35 PD is a design rack-and-beam system for large-format panoramic glazing of facades. It is the best solution for creating flawless exteriors for residential, commercial and office buildings. The thickness of the visible part of the profile is only 35 mm, at the same time the system has excellent thermal insulation performance and has successfully fulfilled the requirements of a "passive house".


Schüco CMC 50 green house

Do you like greenery or just decided to increase the area of the house? Dreaming of your own tropics in the middle of a harsh snowy winter? Schüco CMC 50 greenhouse is an opportunity to maintain an entire greenery at minimal cost and create a harmonious living space in the house.

Schüco CMC 50 is an elegant platform for creating structures of unique beauty and functionality. The elegant profiles can be painted in any color or laminated to look like wooden. But the systems made by the German manufacturer are famous not only for their excellent design ...

Schüco PRC 50 terrace roof

Modern and unique, comfortable exclusive roofs for unheated verandas and green houses, summer carports that do not shade the garden - these are just a part of all possible applications of Schüco PRC 50 system. It is now incredibly easy to elegantly cover a large area.

Schüco PRC 50 is a non-insulated system for creating terrace roofs, gazebos and verandas. The solution practically does not limit the ability of engineers to design. Shuko PRC 50 is fully compatible with CMC 50 green houses. It is possible to manufacture both simple single-pitched sheds and angular, complex gable, hip roofs.


Schüco CTB solar shading

Schüco CTB is the first high performance solar shading system with extremely high wind resistance to be fully integrated into the facade.

The special shape of the louvres ensures maximum protection from the sun and an optimal view of the outside space from the room. Schüco CTB (Concealed Toughened Blind) solar shading system is located outside the building and is extremely wind-resistant. The electrically rolled sheet of aluminum profiles provides optimal protection of the premises from overheating and does not obstruct the view from the premises. A wide range of installation options and optimal integration into Schüco window and facade systems guarantee design security right from the start.

Schüco FireStop ADS fire protection system

The innovative three-chamber design of open lap seam profiles allows you to flexibly respond to changing user requirements for the door structure without interrupting its operation. As a result, additional cable laying when electrifying doors or replacing locks, for example, simple lockers with a multi-point locking system, are possible without any problems. For combined requirements, the fire-rated door can be fitted with, for example, burglar-proof components.

Schüco Door Control System (DCS)

Schüco DCS door control system is distinguished by its high functionality and the possibility of individual selection of modules. The door control system is unique due to the combination of various functions such as access control, intercom, emergency exit protector, united by a single classic design. Hidden installation of the modules in the door profile and the high quality finish of the black glass surface give the system an exquisite and unique style. The system sets new standards for door control and has won the prestigious iF product design award and Red Dot Design Award.


We manufacture our windows from Schueco German profile systems


Safety and convenience for children. High fire resistance. Burglary and bulletproof.


The combination of thermal insulation and airtightness results in reduced energy consumption and a comfortable living environment.


High level of sound insulation. Self-regulating ventilation system. Multivariate openings.


Comfort as understood by Schueco, aluminum is nothing more than a complete match of ideal visual images.


Easy to paint. Systems are available in different styles - functional, renaissance, classic, etc.


Aluminum is a great investment and is in line with the long term vision for construction.


We are trusted by both corporate clients and private consumers:

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Schueco aluminum windows and doors are the best offer in terms of price/quality ratio. Strong, reliable - indeed, a thing for ages
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